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Understanding Biomarker Legislation to Deliver the Right Test for the Right Care at the Right Cost

Nov 14, 20232:00pm EST1 hour
Across the US, legislation has passed requiring that insurance plans cover biomarker testing for patients where the evidence recommends support for their use in diagnosing, treating, managing, or monitoring a disease. Payers and providers face challenges as they attempt to traverse the explosion of genetic testing, the complexity of providing coverage policies based on scientific evidence while ensuring the right test determines the right care treatment to deliver on the promise of precision medicine.

Join Avalon government affairs, policy, and product experts as we discuss the latest developments in biomarker legislation, what’s still to come at the state and federal level, and how Avalon’s Precision Genetic Test Management solution combines evidence-based genetic policies with an exclusive collaboration leveraging MolDX Z-Codes® to ensure high quality, clinically appropriate testing at the right cost is provided to patients across health plans.

Discussion topics include:
• Background and drivers for biomarker legislation
• State-by-state legislative landscape including pending bills
• How Z-Codes provide test specificity, quality, and Medicare determination criteria that scale across commercial lines of business
• The importance of aligning coverage policies to clinical guidelines

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