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The right care starts with the right test. We’re redefining how lab values can drive value-driven care success. And we want our laboratory providers to be our collaborative partners in delivering actionable insights for patient-centered, optimized care – right from the start with lab testing. Today, we can do more for you – and in turn individuals and populations.

With Avalon, we prioritize tests that impact quality of care to promote evidence-based care that stems from policies developed by our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). This includes facilitating broad access for patients and closing the gap on the significant volume of under-testing that currently occurs each year.

We also invite you to collaborate in the development of policies because your experience and voice matter to us, as we collectively strive to help deliver informed and improved outcomes.

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Need a Preservice Review?

Avalon’s Network Providers are required to submit preservice review requests through PAS (Prior Authorization System). Faxes from Avalon Network Providers will be not be accepted. Providers not in the Avalon Network are able to submit fax and/or phone requests. 

If you are a provider and would like access to PAS, you will require a user account. To request a new PAS user account, please submit the following required information below:

  • For all individual providers you will be submitting prior auth requests for or the facility NPI number you will be submitting prior auth requests for
  • If you are a third-party vendor submitting requests on behalf of a provider, each individual must have an email address associated with the provider you are servicing (i.e.
  • **We do not accept group NPI numbers and would need all the individual provider NPI numbers submitted on an excel sheet**
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