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Managing Genetic Tests: Navigating Compliance and Avoiding Potholes

Mar 19, 2024    2:00pm EDT    1 hour

Genetic testing has revolutionized the medical field by offering personalized healthcare with unparalleled precision. Currently, over 175,000 genetic tests are available, and the number is increasing by ten each day. However, this raises the potential for fraud and abuse.

The primary challenges for health plans are to ensure that their members receive the best possible care and that providers have the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. While managing costs effectively, plans must address provider awareness, reimbursement practices, and clinical evidence.

Moreover, there is significant variability in the quality and usefulness of precision testing, and there is a need for more genetic test specificity that can’t be overlooked.

Our expert speakers will discuss these challenges in detail and provide compliant approaches. We aim to improve payment accuracy, reduce waste, and deliver laboratory savings.

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Tuesday, September 17
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