The Value of DEX Z-Codes®: Empowering Payers with Genetic Test Identification & Quality Insights


Optum Experts Explore Genetic Test Management Solutions in
AHIP Webinar

In this AHIP webinar presented by Optum, Optum Product Director Cristi Radford, MD, CGC, and Megan Landsverk, Ph.D., walk through a clinical scenario highlighting the complexities of genetic testing management and how DEX Z-Codes® empower health plans with discrete test identification and quality insights to drive transparency throughout the claims process. Optum experts explored the challenges that health insurance providers face when genetic tests are not identified at the discrete test level, the significance of  DEX Z-codes beyond its utilization as an administrative identifier, how its adoption enables quality and price transparency throughout the adjudication process and much more.

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Tuesday, September 17
2 – 3 p.m. EDT

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